5 tips for choosing the perfect {ethical} engagement ring

May 14, 2017

5 tips for choosing the perfect {ethical} engagement ring

A friend of mine recently asked for advice for how to choose the perfect engagement ring. He wanted to know about conflict free, ethical, Fair Trade and eco options as well as how to choose a stone, setting, size, and more. So we turned to the pros at Cred Jewelry for help.

Here's information about ethical and eco jewelry. Below you'll find the other info you need.


From Cred Jewelry:  

We know it is a difficult decision and one you want to get right. So whether you are recently engaged (congratulations!), are planning to ask the big question, or are talking to your significant other about what you'd like, these tips will help to choose the ring which will be part of your love story.

Let’s get started.


There are lots of different styles when it comes to engagement rings. Perhaps consider the jewelry your partner currently wears - will they like something traditional or more modern looking, something in between perhaps?

Do you want a single stone Solitaire, or a set of three stones – the Trilogy ring?

To make it something truly unique, then you may want to think about a bespoke design. Your designer will help you – but you’ll need to factor in a bit of extra time to get it designed and made.


The traditional engagement ring would be a solitaire diamond. But who says you need to follow tradition?

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual,  why not choose an alternative stone entirely? A ruby, aquamarine, emerald or sapphire all make for beautiful pieces and can be chosen to suit her favourite colour, or her eyes. You’ll often find that these gemstones give you more value for money too.


For the main stone in the ring you have a few options for the cut.
The classic Brilliant cut is round, with a great amount of sparkle.
For a more contemporary look, the Princess is a more modern square cut.
But diamonds can be cut into all sorts of shapes: triangles, pear shapes, emerald cut, and rounded cushions.

The ring can then be set by claws, which allow maximum light in, or bezel-set, meaning they are held securely by a metal band all around the stone.
The setting can be sleek & modern, or have decorative detailing in the metal


The proposal story is one she will tell for years to come. The ring you choose will bring it’s own story as a part of it, so make it a good one.

Whatever colour you go for, choosing Fairtrade gold will ensure that your ring was mined and made with love. Fairtrade gold miners are paid fairly, work in safe environments, and their communities receive a premium to spend developing their education, health & social care. Fairtrade gold is available in over 15 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia & the UK.


Do you wear more white-gold or yellow-gold jewellery? Or even a romantic rose-gold…
You’ll want to consider this carefully and then think about having your wedding ring made in the same quality (ie: 18ct) to match.


Now to pop the question… without her expecting it…
How do you ensure you have the right ring size when you don’t have her finger with you?

If it’s a surprise proposal, download a ring size guide here.

Simply lay a ring they already wear on the print out and make a note of which template is the best fit. Now, this is not 100% foolproof, but fear not, you can always propose with a standard sized ring and most jewellers will be happy to have it adjusted to the perfect size for you, free of charge.

Here’s to the next chapter of your love story!

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