5 ways to love the food (and drinks!) at your wedding even more… eco. ethical. local. organic. Fair Trade.

August 01, 2016

5 ways to love the food (and drinks!) at your wedding even more… eco. ethical. local. organic. Fair Trade.

You want to thank your guests and show how much you appreciate them coming and food is one great way to do that.

Help your guests enjoy what they eat and drink even more - and make your wedding more memorable and meaningful - with these 5 tips:

1. Choose local Brews -

There is great beer all over the country now so choose to support a smaller, local brewery at your wedding. It is a great conversation starter and adds more character to your wedding. Plus, you are supporting the local economy.

Celia Grace Blog Beer Pic Stitch

From left to right: Iron Hill Restaurant & Brewery in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey; Arbor Brewing Company in Michigan; Artifact Cider Project in Massachusetts

2. Eat Eco - with less meat - your guests won’t even notice…

You can make one of your main dish options a vegetarian meal or just opt for a few more non-meat appetizers. Less meat means less environmental impact without sacrificing on taste (who doesn’t love an amazing cheese spread or fresh bruschetta in the summer?).

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3. Go local and organic

Ask your venue or caterer if they can incorporate some local or organic food into your menu. Not only is this great for local farms and the planet, but you’ll also get the freshest ingredients. Check out Chive Sustainable Event Design & Catering if you're in Massachusetts!

Celia Grace Blog Post Veggie Basket Image

4. I “favor” organic chocolate

I am a HUGE chocolate fan and nothing makes me happier than a chocolate wedding favor I can nibble on my way home.

There are TONS of great options for organic and Fair Trade chocolate you can use for wedding favors - from Equal Exchange, Divine Chocolate, and many more.

You can choose a full size chocolate bar, chocolate minis, and don’t forget to look for bulk discounts!

Celia Grace Blog Post Chocolate Image

From left to right: Divine Chocolate, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Equal Exchange chocolate

5. End the night on an up beat

Send your guests home with one last warm memory (and the caffeine they need!) with organic & Fair Trade coffee and tea. There are so many delicious options and this is an easy and small ask you can make of your caterer.  You can even have them put up a little card to show this last piece of the wedding is helping farmers and families around the world.

Celia Grace Blog Post Coffee Image

From left to right: Dean's Beans coffee, Grounds for Change coffee, Equal Exchange coffee

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