7 Disastrous Wedding Planning Mistakes (that are easy to avoid!)

July 14, 2016

7 Disastrous Wedding Planning Mistakes (that are easy to avoid!)

Let’s face it: planning a wedding isn’t always a walk in the park.

Sure, it’s exciting and inspiring to check out all the details, dresses, jewelry, exotic locations and honeymoon destinations. But there is a lot to do and everyone and their mother (and your mother) seems to have an opinion about your day.

Here are 7 mistakes that are easy to avoid:

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MISTAKE #4 – Forgetting to plan for Bad Weather.

If you don’t carefully consider the effect of the weather for your specific location at that specific time of year, then you can end up with a wedding day disaster.

True story:

Sara and Bob were getting married at the beautiful Mills Mansion on the banks of a river.  Beautiful views, gorgeous mansion, amazing gardens. Of course, they imagined their wedding day on a perfect June afternoon.

Instead, they ended up with a monsoon.

They didn’t have sides for the tent, so the guests got soaked. The DJ moved onto the tiny dance floor to protect his equipment, which meant there was no room for dancing. Guests slogged through the mud for five miserable hours.

Before you chose your location, consider the worst case scenario.

What if it rains?  What if it is blistering hot?  What if it snows?

Make sure that you are comfortable with your ceremony and reception location in EVERY possible situation.


MISTAKE #5 – Having an unrealistic “day of” timeline or no timeline at all.

Everything takes more time than you think.

Even some of the smartest brides, the ones who are always on time for everything, end up rushed and panicked on their wedding day because they didn’t allow for extra time.

If you fall behind schedule on your wedding day, there is no catching up. You can’t get those minutes back. Your party ends at the contracted time whether you’re ready or not. There is nothing more painful than watching a bride who can’t relax and enjoy her day.

Get realistic estimates for the time it takes to do something, then add on some extra time for good measure. Check out this very helpful timeline planner from A practical Wedding.


MISTAKE #6 – Planning to do anything “extra” the week before the wedding.

When you’re planning a wedding, your To Do List seems to grow by the minute. It’s natural that certain things get bumped to the bottom of the list.

Don’t plan anything, and I mean anything AT ALL, to do that last week.

Leaving something undone at the last minute guarantees that you will either a) have something critical forgotten or unfinished or b) drive yourself so crazy trying to get everything done last minute leaving you exhausted for your big day.

Make sure your due date on all tasks is at least two weeks prior to the wedding. Believe me, you’ll have plenty to do the week before.


MISTAKE #7 – Trying to please everyone.

Every website and book on wedding planning seems to know the “right way” to plan a wedding.  You have family and friends who are more than happy to tell you what THEY think you should do.

Trying to make everyone happy is exhausting. Plus, it’s an effort that’s doomed to fail.

Choose your battles. If something is really important to you, stick to your guns. You won’t be able to make everyone happy anyway. Make sure you make yourself happy.



If you’ve already made some of these mistakes, never fear. Now that you know, you can fix them. Being prepared is the best way to avoid a wedding day disaster.

And if you haven’t made any of these mistakes, CONGRATULATIONS! Learn from the couples who have gone before you. Have fun planning your wedding and decide to make it your best day ever, no matter what.

You’re marrying the one you love. In the end, how can that ever be a disaster?

Happy planning!


P.S.  Did one of these mistakes really “get” you? Send me an email and tell me about it. I’d love to hear from you!

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