Amazing Dress, Amazing Woman: Diana

October 17, 2016

Amazing Dress, Amazing Woman: Diana

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Each Celia Grace wedding dress is named in honor of an inspiring woman - because we believe who you are is more important than how you look. This vintage-inspired beauty with delicate lace and an open back that you can wear for two looks - long or short - is named in honor of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana was born as Diana Spencer in Norfolk on July 1, 1961. Her family was part of the British nobility and close friends with the British Royal Family.

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At boarding school, Lady Diana showed talent in piano, dance, and swimming and diving. She subsequently held a variety of low-paying jobs and lived in London until 1981. She met Charles, Prince of Wales in 1977 and began a serious courtship in 1980. They were engaged in 1981 and married in the summer of 1981 at St. Paul's Cathedral. The nuptials were described as a "fairy-tale wedding” and watched by 750 million people on television. Significantly, the couple left out the vow that Diana would “obey” Charles.

This dress was named in honor of Princess Diana.

During her marriage, Princess Diana visited numerous countries alone and with Prince Charles, making appearances at school, hospitals and other charitable organizations. Unusual for the Royal Family, her charity work extended to serious illnesses like AIDS and leprosy. She was involved in the fight against landmines, animal protection, and vulnerable populations like youth, the homeless, elderly, and drug addicts. Princess Diana served as president and patroness of numerous charities such as the British Red Cross and the National AIDS Trust. In 1992, she visited Mother Teresa’s hospital in Calcutta, India, and befriended her.

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Princess Diana received many awards for her charitable work, such as the international Leonardo prize and Cerebral Palsy Humanitarian of the Year Award in New York City. 

The world lost Diana suddenly and tragically in a car accident on August 31, 1997, but will never forget her kindness and commitment to making the world a better place. This dress gives back by supporting women and men who weave Celia Grace Wedding Dress silk on traditional no-electricity looms. The Diana dress is made following fair trade practices and Celia Grace donates a school uniform to a girl in Cambodia with every dress sold through the organization Tailored for Education.

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