Amazing Dress, Amazing Woman: Florence

March 06, 2017

Amazing Dress, Amazing Woman: Florence

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Meet Florence - a fun dress with at touch of sparkle and an amazing woman

Each Celia Grace wedding dress is named in honor of an inspiring woman - because we believe who you are is more important than how you look. This fun and flirty short dress with a touch of sparkle and matching flowing skirt is named in honor of pioneering nurse Florence Nightingale. 

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 to a wealthy British family in Florence, Italy. The family moved  back to England the following year, where Florence was educated by her father. During a family trip to Europe, she met and bonded with Mary Clarke, whose disregard for social norms and rejection of the marginalization of women had a lasting impact on Florence. Even though they were 27 years apart in age, she and Mary Clarke stayed friends for 40 years.

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After multiple experiences that she felt were signs from God, calling her to a life of service, she announced her entrance to the field of nursing in 1844. Her decision greatly upset her family and the established social code for wealthy English women. She continued to travel and learn about nursing.  

When Florence heard about the horrible conditions for the wounded in the Crimean War, she left for the Crimea, along with 38 volunteer nurses that she trained in 1854. The poor hygiene and lack of medicine prompted her to ask for government assistance and her improvements such as hand washing vastly reduced the death rates. 

This dress is named in honor of an inspiring woman, Florence Nightingale. 

For her contributions in the Crimea, the Nightingale Fund was established in 1855 to train nurses. Using the funds, Florence established the first secular nursing school in the world, called the Nightingale Training School. Her book Notes on Nursing, became a staple of the school's curriculum and to beginning nurses. In a time when medical care was horrendous and nursing not a true profession, Florence professionalized the field of nursing and even served as an inspiration for nurses in the American Civil War. 

The world lost Florence Nightingale on August 13, 1910 but will never forget her contributions to nursing, women's rights, sanitary reform and statistics. This dress gives back by supporting women and men who weave Celia Grace Wedding Dress silk on traditional no-electricity looms. The Florence dress is made following fair trade practices and Celia Grace donates a school uniform to a girl in Cambodia with every dress sold through the organization Tailored for Education.

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Source: Wikipedia

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