Amazing Dress, Amazing Woman: Shirley

January 10, 2017

Amazing Dress, Amazing Woman: Shirley

Meet Shirley - a sequined rose gold bodice dress and an amazing woman.

Photo Source: National Women's History Museum

Each Celia Grace wedding dress is named in honor of an inspiring woman - because we believe who you are is more important than how you look. This v-necked and sequined bodice dress is named in honor of the first African American woman elected to the United States Congress, Shirley Chisholm.

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Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm was born on November 30, 1924 in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents from Barbados. Her father, an unskilled laborer, and her mother, a seamstress, provided Shirley with a strong foundation of early education, that she would later go on to say was one of the most important gifts her parents could have given her. 

Photo Source: Women's History

Once Shirley moved to the US, she attended an all girls high school in Brooklyn followed by Brooklyn College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in 1946. A few years later she went on to marry Conrad O. Chisholm, a private investigator. Her education did not stop there though. Shirley went on to earn her Masters in Elementary Education at Columbia University in 1952.

This dress was named for an inspiring woman, Shirley Chisholm. 

Her interest in politics was sparked by her involvement in child care. After working as an educational consultant to the New York City Division of Day Care, she entered the Democratic party, helping form the Unity Democratic Club in 1960. 

In 1968 Shirley Chisholm historically disregarded her "double-handicap" and became the first African-American woman elected into Congress. Her campaign slogan, "Unbought and Unbossed" provided true as she partook in the Education and Labor Committee, helped form the Black Caucus and addressed such issues as the Vietnam war, minority discrimination and the Congressional seniority system.

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Shirley, again, makes history in 1972 as the first black woman of a major party to run for president. Although, our first female president is still ahead of us, Shirley served in Congress for seven terms particularly known for her contributions to passing a bill for minimum wages to domestic workers, working to provide more opportunities for impoverished neighborhoods and profoundly opposed US’ involvement in the Vietnam War before resigning in 1982.

After her political career in Congress, she continued teaching and public speaking with a focus on politics, sociology and women's studies. On January 1, 2005, Chisholm died near Daytona Beach, Florida after suffering from a series of strokes. She will always be remembered for her contribution toward women's empowerment in politics and her lifelong pursuit of fair treatment to all. 

This dress gives back by supporting women and men who weave Celia Grace Wedding Dress silk on traditional no-electricity looms. This dress is made following fair trade practices and Celia Grace donates a school uniform to a girl in Cambodia with every dress sold through the organization Tailored for Education.

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Source: Wikipedia and Women's History 

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