Interview // You've Heard of Tiny Houses, but Tiny Weddings?

July 10, 2017

Interview // You've Heard of Tiny Houses, but Tiny Weddings?

Tiny houses have swept the nation with their promise of a simple, eco-friendly alternative to traditional houses. Well now that same treatment is coming to weddings. This week we caught up with Anne Marie Leveille, the wedding planner behind Tres Beau & more recently the wedding planner involved with Tiny Weddings Birmingham.  The images are courtesy of Photos By Heart, featuring a real wedding between bride Morghen and husband Mac. Morghen is wearing the Diana dress.


Q. To start, what is a tiny wedding? 

A. It is a "fancy elopement", a day that you share with a few other couples - everyone at different times. It's a short and drama-free event that you can enjoy with the closest loved ones, or with just the two of you! A great alternative to a big wedding with All The Things and a true elopement to the courthouse or Vegas. It is affordable because each couple shares the expenses of the vendors involved, allowing us to provide a top-notch and stylish experience for a fraction of the cost. I like to say that it is a wedding experience, distilled down to the pieces that really matter!


Q. Are there any specific factors that make a wedding 'tiny'?

A. Mostly that we limit the guest list - usually each couple can bring only between 20-30 guests, And of course the pricetag is tiny


Q. How did you get into tiny weddings? 

A. I have been a wedding planner for around 10 years, and while I am actually a "the more the merrier" type of gal personally, I started recognizing a need for something else in the wedding industry. When families and couples are so stressed over planning a wedding - the budget, the guest list woes, the sheer number of months it takes to plan - I began to think that doing things the "traditional" way may not be for everyone. I started researching the concept and mulled it over for about a year, then decided to go for it on Valentines Day 2017! 


Q. What is your favorite part of working on weddings? 

A. Goodness... all of it?? I enjoy the logistics and organization, the pretty flowers, and seeing the couples' faces full of love and excitement! 


Q. Is there any advice that you would give brides who may be interested in a tiny wedding? 

A. Knowing that this type of wedding is not for everyone! 


Q. How do you think the world of weddings is evolving regarding size, values, stories etc?

A. Couples are increasingly needing to place funds in different categories - a home, traveling the world, playing off education debt...Nor are they depending fully on their parents footing the bill. But weddings are also increasingly expensive - there really is no way around it! For our market in Alabama, the average wedding costs around $35K - and that is almost only for the "basics". But I am passionate that starting your lives together is important enough to mark in a special way, and every couple deserves to be celebrated and have pros helping them. 

So I think the industry does need to keep evolving in this area, and get creative about how we do things. A tiny wedding or fancy elopement or pop-up wedding (whatever you want to call it) is a great way to spend money wisely, be a part of the "sharing" community, and be green-conscious as well! 



A big thanks to everyone who contributed to this piece!

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Tiny Weddings Birmingham |

Photographer: Haley | Photos By Heart |

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