Real Bride Kate: 5 ingredients for a sustainable wedding

May 30, 2017

Real Bride Kate: 5 ingredients for a sustainable wedding

Kate x Tim: Real bride Kate talks about her recent wedding to husband Tim and how she incorporated sustainability throughout her special day,


A dash of DIY, a sprinkle of fair trade, a large dollop of humanity, two teaspoons of

sustainability, and a cup of eco are all that I needed to plan my ethical wedding in

February this year. As an eco-living and loving individual, I strive to live my life in a

way that respects people and the planet, and I was not going to let my wedding

become the exception. So, I ditched Pinterest, became best friends with the thrift

shop ladies, and began to plan a fun, festival-like, eco wedding. Here’s how I did it:

Dash of DIY


I used to associate DIY weddings with tacky plastic centerpieces, stodgy casseroles,

and awkward first dances in overpopulated garages. Now when I think of DIY

weddings, I think of freedom! When you choose to do-it- yourself, your whole world

opens to thousands of possibilities! Yes, it takes more time and energy, but the

feeling afterwards when you look around and remember how you made or sort out

each and every thing, is something I will never forget. Growing my own flowers

(thanks dad), choosing unique thrift store glasses, collecting fun picnic blankets, and

making my own candles out of second-hand glass bowls were just a few of the

things I did to make my wedding not only cheaper, but full of life, colour, and stories!

A sprinkle of fair trade

The wedding industry is booming. The amount of jobs it creates and money it

circulates, is phenomenal. But unfortunately, not all trade in the wedding world is fair.

It was important for Tim (my husband) and I to know that every person who inputed

into our wedding, no matter how far away, was acknowledged and paid appropriately

for their skills and hard work. We encouraged our bridal team to wear whatever they

wanted, even something they already owned, and directed them towards fair-trade

shops such as People Tree and KowTow. Tim wore a Thought shirt, and of course, I

wore a Celia Grace dress. Choosing a Celia Grace wedding dress was an important

choice for me, and I couldn’t have imagined walking down the aisle in anything else.

Knowing that my dress was made by someone who could be proud of their

handiwork, comfortable whilst making it, and paid a wage which properly

represented their hard work, was incredibly empowering.

Dollop of humanity

Imagine if every bride and groom decided to give back to their local or global

community in some shape or form. The impact would be incredible. Through my

work with Less Stuff-More Meaning, Tim and I found the Offspring Project. The

Offspring project rescue women and children who are abused and trafficked, and

equip, support, and empower them. They made us a throw which was displayed at

our wedding, and now sits at the end of our bed to remind us of our special day, and

that we are not isolated, but responsible for looking after our global community.

Two teaspoons of sustainability

Sustainability is all about consuming resources at a feasible rate which avoids taking

away our natural resources, and ensures an ongoing ecosystem. At our wedding,

this looked like buying second-hand and reducing the demand for ‘stuff’, sustainably

sourced napkins, and borrowing things from fairy lights to bamboo poles which hung

preloved bunting.

A cup of eco

Compostable cups, organic desserts, no straws in sight, and hardly a scrap sent to

landfill… eco heaven! There are so many eco alternatives now days, so this was the

part I found most easy. Our guests were educated by our MCs on separating their

food scraps and recycling, and our lovely eco-friendly food trucks had the bins to

make it a smooth and easy process. A key helpful tip: assess each aspect of the

day, and think “how can I make this eco-friendlier, or could we even just go without?”

A dash of DIY, a sprinkle of fair trade, a large dollop of humanity, two teaspoons of

sustainability, and a cup of eco are all YOU need to plan your ethical wedding.

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