The Best Wedding Dresses for a HOT wedding

July 25, 2016

The Best Wedding Dresses for a HOT wedding

Lots of weddings can take place in the summer and it can get HOT!

Keep your cool by choosing a wedding dress that helps keep the temp down.

Here's what to look for (and our best dresses for each):

1. Light, breathable fabric (and fewer layers!)

7.26 image

Each of these dresses (Edie, Isabel, Eleanor, Ada from left to right above) is just a light, outer layer and a light liner layer of fabric.

Not only is each dress light and lovely to wear, but they are also breathable, perfect for a summer wedding, a destination wedding, a beach wedding, or a wedding where you cut a rug dancing the night away in your wedding gown.

Don't forget that natural fabrics like silk and cotton (which we use on many of our dresses) tend to breathe better than polyester, so check the label for fiber content and don't be fooled - there are a lot of fancy fabric names that make polyester sound like silk!

2. A short (or convertible!) dress

7.26 image

From left to right, these dresses are: Lucille, Marie long, Marie short, Diana Long, and Diana Short.

This sounds like a no brainer but it is easy to forget - if there is a good chance your wedding will be really hot, consider a short dress. Have your heart set on a long dress? Never fear! You can have the best of both worlds with a convertible dress - a gown with two looks - a long look for the ceremony and a short version for the reception/party.

3. An open back

7.26 image

Great open back options from Celia Grace are (from left to right above): Maya, MalalaTeresa, and Diana.

Your back has a lot of surface area so if your wedding date falls in the hot zone (location or time of year!) consider a dress with an open back so cool air can keep you cool there (and overall).  

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