Wedding Dress Alterations - Dos and Don'ts You Should Know Now

January 31, 2017

Wedding Dress Alterations - Dos and Don'ts You Should Know Now

While you may get lucky and find a wedding dress that fits you like a glove, most brides need to alter their wedding dress so it fits perfectly.

Not a pro at wedding dress alterations? No problem!

Here’s our guide to Alterations 101 - the do’s and the don’ts

Q: How do I choose a seamstress to alter my wedding dress?

The most important thing to do is to find a tailor you trust who works on wedding dresses regularly.  

DO find a tailor through your bridal shop or recently married friends for recommendations.

DON’T use the use the tailor who hems your pants, this is your wedding dress after all!


Q: How do alterations work and how do I make sure my dress is altered correctly?

Once you have found a good tailor then communication is key.

DO make sure she knows what your wedding date is and what you want done. Bring your wedding shoes and undergarments to the fitting to ensure that the tailor gets accurate measurements.

When you go to your fitting the seamstress will usually have you put on the dress so she can pin it to the correct size. Make sure the dress feels comfortably snug but not too tight. Take a minute to breathe in the dress or even sit down and make sure it feels good the way it has been pinned. Doesn't feel right? Now is the time to speak up!


Q: Are there any alterations that can't be fixed?

Generally speaking, any time the tailor cuts away fabric that is a change you can't undo. For example, my sister had her dress altered to a high-low skirt. The tailor had her come in twice to get it right since there was NO going back on that one! That said, with a good seamstress and some creativity and flexibility dresses can be altered, corrected, or updated in all sorts of ways.


Q: What is the most important thing to keep in mind for alterations?

It is always easier to take a dress in (make it smaller) rather than let it out (make it bigger).  So when in doubt, DO choose a size too big rather than a size too small!

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