How To Plan A Wedding (Without Social Media)

June 21, 2017

How To Plan A Wedding (Without Social Media)

This is a guest post by Shannon Lochwood

Social media dominates weddings. But not all couples are social media savvy…and some just want social media banned from their big day. After all, the prying eyes of the internet don’t deserve a window into every event.

When the world is plugged in 24/7 and almost everyone obsessively checks their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, removing the virtual component seems …well…like living in the dark ages. Does a wedding without an engagement selfie, a personalized hashtag and no internet presence whatsoever even stand a chance in our wired world?

Here’s the kicker: the internet didn’t always exist…and social media was once defined as talking on the phone…and not a cell phone, either. An actual phone. With a cord. Basic? Yes. And it was privately perfect.

Want to rebel against the machine? Plan a wedding without any virtual components. Shock your friends…and go completely old school. Paper planner and all!

Grab a pen (no, not a stylus…an actual ink pen!) and get ready to be the most primitively traditional couple to ever not exist on the Internet. Because this is how to plan an Unwired Wedding!


Plan with a Planner

Using paper for decorations at the reception is on-trend right now. But we’re not going to use the paper for decoration…we’re actually going to use the paper to plan. Put down your smartphone and head to a bookstore or an office supply store and pick out a planner. After the wedding day has passed, you can save it as a keepsake. And don’t you dare try to download a wedding planner app…this is completely unwired!

The Photographer

First, make a note that all cell phone cameras should be banned from the ceremony. This wedding relies only on the eyes and style of your photog, so choose wisely. Yes, you can opt for digital photos (we’ll allow it…for preservation sake). But also include old-school film. There’s something delightful about the process of developing pictures; it is truly an art form to snap the perfect picture on actual film. Find a photographer that knows journalistic style photography. And definitely get a few black and white shots.

Meet in Person

While most 21st century brides will make many wedding decisions online, you’re going to opt for personal visits and meetings with vendors. Also, be sure to stop at a few local boutiques to see dresses up close and get an idea about what you like. Yes, photos in magazines will give you a few ideas. However, dresses look very different in person than they do in polished photographs. While you may think you know what you want, you have no idea how a style will look until you put it on your body. Just know your budget before you go shopping! Also, the salespeople at bridal boutiques know their stuff. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions or ask for their advice.


Keeping the Details…Locked

Planning the wedding without the intrusion of social media and the eyes of everyone on your friend’s list will give you the power to keep your details completely under wraps. Unless a bridesmaid, friend or relative leaks some secrets, the real information is safe with you. Keeping the wedding off the grid also helps you resist the urge to post info incessantly. And, hopefully, you can minimize any pictures being posted to social media sites…although, you can’t always control the actions of your friends and loved ones.


The Envelope, Please

Going offline means investing in stamps. All wedding correspondence—including Save the Date cards and invites—must be sent via snail mail. Make sure to budget for stamps, and just be glad they don’t have to be licked (that was once a sad, sticky reality).

Planning a wedding without the aid of virtual assistance will take more time. You may have to travel a more and you will be involved on a more personal level. However, unplugging your wedding also will ensure a greater level of privacy. In an age where everyone posts even the littlest of life details, taking the time to privately plan such a big occasion almost feels selfishly decadent. So savor every offline moment.

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