What Makes Celia Grace Wedding Dresses Eco Friendly?

September 14, 2016

What Makes Celia Grace Wedding Dresses Eco Friendly?

Celia Grace is continually working to reduce its environmental impact. Here's how:

Fabric Sourcing:

  • Celia Grace sources fabrics as close to our production sites as possible to minimize the carbon footprint from shipping
  • Heirloom Eco Silks are hand woven in Cambodia and then sewn into dresses there
  • We use natural fiber fabrics--rather than polyester--whenever possible

Eco Silks: Light-As-Air, Luscious, low-impact fabrics

  • Mulberry trees grown without pesticides
  • Silk worms raised without antibiotics
  • Woven on traditional wooden looms that do not use electricity
  • Only safe, non-toxic German dyes used
  • Minimal water used in production 

Business Practices. US-based sustainable practices include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Using only recycled paper
  • Recycling paper, ink, & more
  • Using public transportation whenever possible

Product Life Cycle

  • Celia Grace web site provides supports brides with donating or up-cycling a wedding gown after the wedding
  • 2017 Collection includes several  “lifelong” or convertible styles that we hope you will wear again after your wedding day.
  • Eco Silk Life Cycle Analysis completed. Upstream & downstream analysis completed & actions taken.

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