When Should I Buy My Wedding Dress (and why!)?

July 23, 2015

When Should I Buy My Wedding Dress (and why!)?

Wedding Dress Shopping 101: 
When to Buy Your Dress

Note: this is an ideal timeline to help you understand why you should buy your dress early.
Already running "behind"? Never fear! You can still have your dream dress, you may just have to be a little more flexible :)

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12 Months / ASAP: Set your budget
Choose how much you can/ want to spend on your wedding day outfit. 
Don't forget your accessories, shoes, undergarments, taxes and alteration costs.

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 6-12 Months / Venue Set: Shop for & Buy Dress
Once you know what the setting will be for your wedding grab your gals and go shop! 
* Weekend appointments are often required and fill up so book early. 
* Someone will help you change in/out of dresses so wear underthings you don't mind showing off.

It often takes 4-8 months to get a dress so the earlier you shop, the more options you'll have. Whereas most clothing is "off the rack," most gowns are made to order. When you buy your dress you are essentially getting in line to have your dress made.  
Rush orders (additional fee) may be available.

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2 Months Out: Alterations
The shop calls to tell you your dress has arrived! Go pick it up & have an in-house fitting or use a recommended seamstress.
* Bring your shoes and undergarments to the fitting.

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2 Weeks Out: Final Touches
Go for your final fitting.
Break in your shoes! 
* Bring someone to learn how to bustle the dress if needed.
* Store the dress by hanging it from a high point (like a doorframe) where your special someones won't see it.

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Feeling Stressed?

If the idea of going to a shop raises your blood pressure, never fear, for two reasons:

First, Celia Grace works with wonderful shops run by women who want to give you an amazing experience no matter your age, size, race, sexual orientation or who you do (or don't) bring with you.

Second, Celia Grace can mail you sample dress(es) to try on in the comfort of your home. No pressure, no drama, you have complete control.


Ready to try on a dress?




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