Where does a Celia Grace Ethical Wedding Dress Come From?

May 24, 2015

Where does a Celia Grace Ethical Wedding Dress Come From?

A wedding dress will make you look and feel more beautiful and full of love and joy than you ever have before. What if how it was made made you even more beautiful and joyful?

Most dress companies don't want you thinking about who made your dress and where it came from. We do!

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So today we are taking you behind the scenes...

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Many Celia wedding dresses use heirloom eco silks that are exquisitely light and lovely--and like nothing else you'll find. These silks are hand woven on traditional wooden looms in rural villages in Cambodia. We are proud to support this traditional art from.

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The pattern for each dress is laid out on the fabric then the dress pieces are cut out. This is meticulous and important work!

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Our dresses are sewn by small Fair Trade sewing groups in Cambodia and India. The women and men who make our dresses are paid a fair wage, work reasonable hours, and are respected talented professionals.

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Some of our dresses are dyed using flowers and other materials reclaimed from temples in India. Each panel of fabric is hand tied and dyed with the small-batch, organic natural dyes. It is almost like there are blessings in the very fibers of our dyed dresses. You can learn more about our eco and Fair Trade practices here.

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Hi! We are Marcie & Alix, the US-based masterminds behind Celia Grace. Alix creates the stunning and flattering Celia Grace designs and Marcie takes care of the business end of things. When each dress is finished it passes through our hands for quality control so we can make sure it is perfect for you!

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