Why buy a fair trade wedding dress and bridal wear?

There is no one-answer as to why you should purchase fair trade. When it comes to bridal fashion, ethics on design and production are hidden beneath layers of tulle and sequins.

According to Eco Watch, purchasing products that are fair trade certified can reduce poverty, encourage environmentally friendly production methods and safeguard humane working conditions.

As the first bridal line to exclusively operate under fair trade certification, Celia Grace has a deep-rooted understanding on how great of an impact employing and paying dressmakers for their trade has.


One of our co-ops, located in Cambodia, handles not only our dressmaking, but also produces and sources sustainable, ethical fabrics for us, including heirloom hand-woven raw silk which is produced in their very own village. The raw silk has a gorgeous organic texture and off-ivory hue, which comes from an herbal water rinse.


Even when we aren’t using our exclusively sustainable fabrics such as the raw silk and bamboo, fair trade still stands for and enhances sustainable practices.

Perhaps best known for certification in coffee, Fair Trade is a market-based approach to improving the lives of farmers and workers, protecting the environment, and delivering quality and safety. At its core, Fair Trade puts people at the center of sustainability. via Triple Pundit

Our mission is simple: to empower our dressmakers, provide brides with modern, beautiful bridal wear, and give back to those who need it the most.